Saints go a Marchin’

A girls trip is needed every once in awhile just to keep the sanity in check. For us, it’s been a looong summer. Working in the tourist industry can be overwhelming at times. So when Jenny’s birthday was arriving we knew it was the perfect excuse to get away. Not quite sure what pulled us to New Orleans. Maybe it’s rich culture and history, or never ending choices of amazing food; either way it didn’t disappoint. We often found ourselves eating out and discussing what place we were going to eat at next. Only so many reastraunts we could cram in to 3 days.

We spent most of our time wandering around the French Quarter gazing at the creole architecture. Of course we saw Bourbon Street and if you didn’t get the hand grenade drink,then you didn’t really experience Bourbon. We ate at the cutest restaurant called Dat Dog on Frenchmen Street that had a Stars Wars themed decor, along with a lot of other super quirky knick knacks. And most of all, we laughed. I truly think laughter is the greatest medicine.

Jenny told me something that she heard one time that really stuck with me. People always say you marry your best friend, and that may be true. But just because you have one soul mate whom you share a life with, doesn’t mean you can’t have another. My best friend is Jenny. And though my husband will be a best friend in a sense, Jenny will always be my one and only true soul mate, sister, best friend, other half. Basically what I’m saying is: guys are great an all, but nothing’s better than a best friend. Then again, mine’s the best;)

Yours infinitely,


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