Can You Hear the Coyotes Sing?

I could actually see the stars shooting across the infinite sea of black. My hand in his was the only thing reminding me I wasn’t alone in the darkness. A night away from the glowing light of my phone, I spent Thanksgiving evening under a tent surrounded by my love, my Liz, and friends and family. I met a black cat with extra toes, we almost ran over a couple of chickens, I ate way too many s’mores, I listened to an angel sing, I saw the biggest spider of my life, and I watched that spider die. I heard coyotes sing for the first time and it was the most mesmerizing sound. We humans are so busy with our crazy lifestyles that we forget how truly blessed we are to share our planet with these majestic creatures. It was weirdly soothing to fall asleep to their howls, not that there was much sleep to be had, but definitely worth the loss. The best part of being in the middle of nowhere though is that when you look up, you get lost. You see that you are nothing but the smallest of the tinniest specs on Earth. Which in the infinite abyss we call space, is nothing but a grain of sand, therefore doesn’t that make all our problems seem oh so very small? I suggest that you, my little reader who has by some chance stumbled upon this post, go look at the stars tonight. Go alone, no phones allowed. And stare. Just stare at the stars. Clear your mind, breathe in the air, and be free. And maybe, just maybe, you can hear the coyotes sing too.

Yours Infinitely,


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