Rumble in the Jungle

Ten-Hut little lovelies! Where’s my crisp cool weather and my fallen leaves at? Cause it’s definitely not here. Fall is a long way away for us Floridians who are currently envying those that are already adorning their knee high boots (future blog post I’m sure). But before I get started on this post I would just like to say, though I am in lurv with this fall’s military trend, we cannot forget that there are men and women fighting for this country, for US. Our latest fashion obsession is momentary, but their impact on the United States is forever. They are our angels, and we must always be thankful for their sacrifices.

On this day our own blood, sweat, and tears were sacrificed. More like blood from thorns, sweat because there was NO DANG BREEZE IN THE FOREST, and my whiny tears. Liz is the trooper in this friendship. For I am the baby and I fully embrace that. But I couldn’t risk Liz passing out from heat stroke and I’m pretty sure I actually melted that day (it was over 100 degrees people) so this photo shoot got cut pretty short. The results though were exactly what I had hoped for. A few weeks ago I found my dad’s old camo jacket hiding away in the coat closet and knew it would be my favorite piece for this shoot. It encompasses everything this trend is based on, it’s the signature piece. Paired with Free People’s “Oh Snap!” skirt, the jacket shows that this trend is so versatile, you can mix and match your favorite pieces with a little “rumble in the jungle” flair.

A bit more on the safari side, my striped jacket dresses up this seasons go to style. The entire outfit literally screams MILITARY from the olive and mustard colors down to the brass buttons. And the shoes, we must never forget to mention the shoes. Praise you Steven Madden for you never fail to disappoint me.

With all that being said, I hope my next post is written while I sip warm apple cider cozying up in fuzzy socks next to the fire. But, that is very unlikely. Instead I WILL be decorating for Halloween, and Hocus Pocus WILL be on repeat. Happy fall ya’ll.

Sounding off for now!

Yours Infinitely,


img_7593-2img_7594-2img_7603-2img_7610-2img_7611-2img_7612-2img_7618-2My sweet Liz. Only managed a couple good shots because… well lets just say there’s a reason why she’s the photographer and I’m the stylist. img_7619-2img_7644-2img_7657img_7669-2img_7673-2img_7674-2img_7682-2img_7683-2img_7686-2img_7702-2img_7704-2img_7705-2img_7707-2img_7708-2img_7716-2img_7718-2img_7723-2img_7722-3img_7721-2

Get the look//

Look 1:

Camo Jacket: My daddy’s:)

Leather Skirt: Free People

Strappy Tank: Splendid

Necklace: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Look 2:

Striped Military Jacket: Altar’d State

Tank: American Eagle

Olive Shorts: Free People

Necklace: Lotus Boutique

Hat:Island Clothiers




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