Up in Smoke

Summer is ending, summer is ending. How is that even possible? Do you ever feel like you have all this time once summer starts to do all these amazing magical things? Then in the blink of an eye the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Whelp I’m sitting here looking at my list of summer goals slightly disappointed in myself that I binged watched Orange is the New Black instead of joining a gym and working on my summer bod. But I just graduated college so I have like all the time in the world right?

So to send our summer off with a bang we decided to literally send it off with a bang. And blow it up. With actual smoke. Hence the title^^. Okay okay we didn’t really blow anything up. We just pulled a grenade like smoke bomb and ducked for cover because, A: We were not prepared for how much smoke would be coming out of that dang thing. B: Smoke bombs get hot. “They” do warn you about this but who actually follows instructions? And C: It burns. Like your eye balls. Yeah. So we didn’t quite get the pictures we had set out for but honestly we laughed so hard it doesn’t even matter.

IMG_6047 (2)

So I now present to you my favorite outfit for transitioning into fall. Like how fun and edgy is leather with a graphic tee? My best friend gave me this leather skirt and I was like “CUTE” but then I’m like “Now what do I wear with it?” Then I had another friend give me this rad t-shirt (T-shirt by Rad, see what I did there). And I’m just like wow I have some great friends. But besides that it totally hit me when Liz and I were thinking of outfit ideas for this shoot that I should pair these two together. I threw in some leather chucks and voilà! To compliment my outfit we pulled together another graphic tee (they just don’t get old) and some leather pants. Now if you don’t have a pair of these in your closet already, I suggest you go and getcha self some because they go with everything. EVERYTHING. And last but not least, Liz’s debut of her new Converse. Who doesn’t have a pair? Like come on.


So I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their new school year as I can’t help but wish I was starting a new year too. But the other half of me is doing a little dance and thanking the gods that I will never have to walk into another class room again. Instead I can spend my time taking fun pictures with my sweet Liz and then share them with you all! So happy school year little darlings. And to my fellow graduates, still feels good to be done doesn’t it?

Yours Infinitely,

P.S. Our war with the smoke bombs is not over. Part 2 coming soon to a WordPress near you.

IMG_6055 (3)

IMG_6014 (2)

IMG_6000 (2)


IMG_5998 (2)IMG_5997 (2)

IMG_6231 (2)

IMG_6233 (2)

IMG_6228 (2)



IMG_6285 (2)IMG_6308 (2)



IMG_6390 (2)IMG_6394 (2)IMG_6405 (2)

IMG_6421IMG_6444IMG_6449 (2)

IMG_6588 (2)IMG_6612 (2)IMG_6619 (2)

IMG_6658 (2)

IMG_6621 (2)

Half Past Five Tee: Rad

Long Leather Skirt: Hommage

Indian Burnout Tee: Altar’d State

IMG_6524 (2)




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