Bloom Wild

My time is running out
Like an Alice in a Land
I can hear my life’s clock
It Mocks.

Down the rabbit hole
Or off with my head
I’m running late
To what is my Fate.

She rolls her eyes and pours my tea,
“You are late to Life’s Party.”
The white rabbit runs and again I go
Farther and farther into the unknown.

Then Life hands me a brush
For I shall paint,
My own flowers red,
My key to escape.

And when I return
To what is reality
I will be free
And as mad as a hatter.


I am graduating college in a week. Graduating. College. I feel excitement along with a little ounce of fear but mostly, I feel free. I have wanted nothing more than to see beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful things. Now, I can. There will be so much time to wander and roam because I no longer have school to hold me back. No more papers to write or pointless assignments to complete. I can read books of my choosing and teach myself Italian one day if I feel like it. Being in charge of what I want to learn has given me a feeling of power that I’ve never felt before. I am now free to grow beautifully and endlessly with a desire to sink my teeth into whatever God sends my way. It is my time to Bloom Wild.

Yours Infinitely,


IMG_4637 (3)IMG_6327 (2)

IMG_4667 (3)IMG_4673 (3)IMG_4679 (2)IMG_4681 (2)IMG_4734 (2)IMG_4756 (3)IMG_4808 (2)IMG_4823 (2)IMG_4843 (3)IMG_4859 (2)IMG_4863 (2)IMG_4873 (2)IMG_4974 (2)IMG_5021 (2)IMG_5024 (2)IMG_5057 (2)IMG_5078 (2)

IMG_5187 (2)IMG_5107 (2)IMG_5157 (2)IMG_5212 (2)IMG_5213 (2)IMG_5215 (2)IMG_5243 (2)IMG_5255 (2)

Sunglasses: Curio

Cream Crochet Body Suit: Kendall & Kylie

Floral Shorts: Altar’d State

Cream and Mustard Romper: Mura Boutique

Black Cutout Scarf: ArmScarvz

Cream Ruffled Romper: Henri Girl

Cream Bralette: Urban Outfitters

Blue Floral Jumpsuit: Lush


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