I have studied for my last exam and taken my last test for hopefully the rest of my life. No longer am I writing essays on prompts that are given to me but for the first time I am creating my own. New found freedom I have never quite experienced since school is all I have known for the last 16 years. I also am very thankful I chose a major that only requires 4 creative years of my life rather than 6 to 8 years of studying micro-organisms and whatever else they are cooking up in those biology labs (thankful for you smarties though). So here I am typing this post wondering what in the world it is I am going to do with my beautiful life. Well looking into the abyss that is my future is a one way trip to a panic attack and I just don’t have the energy. Instead I am going to put forth all my creative juices into my internship. I must complete 240 hours in my internship to graduate and finding the right place was kind of stressful. I had no idea what I wanted to do but all I knew was I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. And that’s when I stumbled across ArmScarvz.

ArmScarvz is the scarf you can wear as a sleeve and was created by the sweet Honey Hilliard. I knew after meeting Honey that ArmScarvz would be an experience I would never forget. I haven’t officially started yet but I have messed around with social media and marketing and I have ideas pouring out of my ears I can’t wait to get out there. This is just the beginning of what I know will be a great last 8 weeks of college and I am forever thankful to be a Seminole.

Yours Infinitely,


ArmScarvz: ArmScarvz

Cut-off Shorts: H&M

Black Bathing Suit Top: Victoria’s Secret

Button Up Top: Local Find

Brown Skirt: Gift



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