Winter’s Flame

Tell me with your eyes do you have a fire inside;

Do you breathe the breath of death?


Baby you got me by my heart strings

And I gotta know one thing;


Is this our destiny,

Just you and me?


Or are we playing with fire waiting to get burned.


Finally, we can all pull out our favorite sweaters that have been hibernating in our closets waiting to make an appearance. Considering we live in Florida, we don’t actually own clothing that serves a purpose to keep us warm. We buy a cute cable knit sweater thinking it will protect us from the harsh winds not realizing the wind is just going to go right through the sweater and into our bones. So if you’re anything like me I just throw on whatever pieces of clothing I own that’s warm and go about my day. I’m lucky if it matches. But I love to  layer and this outfit shows that you can layer pretty much anything. This look works really well if you’re one of those people who hates waking up early especially if it’s freezing outside. Actually now that I think about it, I don’t know anyone who enjoys waking up early on a cold dreary day. Any who, if you want to look presentable (and match) while also staying warm and sleep to the last possible second, this outfit is perfect! Just throw together one of those button ups you never wear under your new favorite sweater with some tights, or jeans if it’s really cold, and go about your day. Oh, and don’t forget the cute boots! (This advice is strictly for a Florida resident only, anyone else, you will freeze).

With that, may the rest of your winter be warm as we count down the days for bathing suit season.

Yours Infinitely,










Sweater: Me to We

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Rings: Earthbound

Necklaces: Pacsun

Model: Rachel Quartetti

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