Haute Holiday Fashion Show

As a little girl I used to think I wanted to grow up and be the next big fashion designer. I didn’t know how to sew so I would glue scraps of fabric together for all of my dolls and when that wasn’t enough I finally got my first sewing machine. It was nothing fancy but it allowed me to make my own Halloween costumes and practice creating whatever formed in my mind that day. But as I made my way into high school I realized that designing was no longer my forte but fashion had to be my future. Getting accepted into Florida State University was my first real step towards my dream. I was finally taking classes that allowed me to be passionate about the material I was learning and being surrounded by people with the same goals and dreams only inspired me more. But okay so here I am in the retail merchandising program learning about buying, trends, and product development; but what exactly am I going to do with this knowledge? And that’s when I joined the American Association of Textiles Chemists and Colorists, AATCC for short.

The Haute Holiday Fashion Show was my second show with AATCC. After participating in the spring show I realized styling was my future. The Double Tree hotel housed our festivities and it couldn’t have been more beautiful. Crystal chandeliers lined the ceilings with the most elegant wall paper I have ever seen. In our room outside the show, racks were drenched in all things winter. From dazzling holiday dresses to the casual every day fur coat, the clothes were pressed and ready for their moment to shine. As the music started and the first model strutted down the runway I couldn’t help but smile in knowing I’m finally doing what I’ve always dreamed of.

Yours Infinitely,





Evening Gowns: Sherri Hill

Clothing provided by: Kohls and H&M


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